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MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting, Inc. is responsible for the core of risk-related service businesses in the MS&AD group. We provide services which meet various expectations of the clients, including consulting, research and investigation, seminars and publications for risk management in addition to the think-tank functions.

Sponsors of the ISC-GEM Advancement Project

Sponsor of the CTBTO Link to the ISC database

CTBTO is currently funding the IDC Link to the ISC Database. This service is available to States Parties to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Sponsors of the International Station Registry

REF TEK designs and manufactures application specific, battery-operated, field-portable, high-performance geophysical data acquisition devices for the global market. With over 35 years of experience, REF TEK provides customers with complete turnkey solutions that include high resolution recorders, broadband sensors, state-of-the-art communications (V-SAT, GPRS, etc), installation, training, and continued customer support. Over 7,000 REF TEK instruments are currently being used globally for multiple applications. From portable earthquake monitoring to telemetry earthquake monitoring, earthquake aftershock recording to structural monitoring and more, REF TEK equipment is suitable for a wide variety of application needs.

GeoSIG provides earthquake, seismic, structural, dynamic and static monitoring and measuring solutions As an ISO Certified company, GeoSIG is a world leader in design and manufacture of a diverse range of high quality, precision instruments for vibration and earthquake monitoring. GeoSIG instruments are at work today in more than 100 countries around the world with well-known projects such as the NetQuakes installation with USGS and Oresund Bridge in Denmark. GeoSIG offers off-the-shelf solutions as well as highly customised solutions to fulfil the challenging requirements in many vertical markets including the following:

  • Earthquake Early Warning and Rapid Response (EEWRR)
  • Seismic and Earthquake Monitoring and Measuring
  • Industrial Facility Seismic Monitoring and Shutdown
  • Structural Analysis and Ambient Vibration Testing
  • Induced Vibration Monitoring
  • Research and Scientific Applications

Güralp has been developing revolutionary force-feedback broadband seismic instrumentation for more than thirty years. Our sensors record seismic signals of all kinds, from teleseismic events occurring on the other side of the planet, to microseisms induced by unconventional hydrocarbon extraction. Our sophisticated digitisers record these signals with the highest resolution and accurate timing.

We supply individual instruments or complete seismic systems. Our services include field support such as installation and maintenance, to complete network and data management.

We design our instruments to meet increasingly complex requirements for deployment in the most challenging circumstances. As a result, you will find Güralp instruments gathering seismic data in the harshest of environments, from the Antarctic ice sheet; to boreholes 100s of metres deep; to the world’s most active volcanoes and deepest ocean trenches.

The Seismology Research Centre is an Australian earthquake observatory that began developing their own seismic recorders and data processing software in the late 1970s when digital recorders were uncommon. The Gecko is the SRC's 7th generation of seismic recorder, now available with a variety of integrated sensors to meet every monitoring requirement, including:

  • Strong Motion Accelerographs
  • 2Hz and 4.5Hz Blast Vibration Monitors
  • Short Period 1Hz Seismographs
  • Broadband 200s-1500Hz Optical Seismographs

Visit to grab a free copy of the SRC's MiniSEED waveform viewing and analysis software application, Waves.